Beaded Jewelry

Beaded Jewelry

Beaded jewelry has been and continues to be one of the topmost trends in fashion. It introduces opportunities for individuals to express their special individualities as they put on the unique jewelry in the fashion industry. This article gives you more inspiration for beaded jewelry and gives you the opportunity to obtain more information.

Beaded Jewelry’s History

The beadwork tradition began about seven hundred thousand years ago. This culture was inspired by the fascination of the man with the gemstones which they used for pieces of jewelry and trading as a form of currency. Wearing beads and gemstones also symbolized prosperity and wealth. The beauty of gems was then replaced by making beads from different materials to make a variety of beaded jewelry.

There are more than seven types of beaded jewelry making them diverse and unique. If you want beaded jewelry, there are a variety of types to choose from depending on your different tastes and occasions. Some of the bead types include;

  • Ceramic Beads

These are made of ceramic and clay material by shaping them into a wet and soft form then hardened in fire and heat. The beads are beautifully “polished” or glazed due to the special nature of their material. Striking tones of colors are obtained from the and they are made in different sizes with large or small holes that help make various jewelry types.

  • Bone Beads

Bone beads are made from animal bones and carved into various shapes such as round or intricate designs and shapes. The bone beads are lighter compared to other beads and they have a natural color that makes them warm and “striking.”

  • Glass Beads

Glass beads have a translucent color quality. The glass helps hold different colors primarily when made with a pattern or a bend of colors.

  • Metal Beads

These are mainly used as spacers in jewelry. They are crafted from “cast” metal. They are also diverse in terms of shapes since they can produce highly intricate patterns and shapes like animal shapes and knots. Metal beads can also be painted with unique and beautiful colors and/or made in a simple “natural” tone of various metals like copper, silver, iron, and gold.

  • Freshwater Pearl Beads

These are harvested, unlike other bead types that are crafted. They have a limited variety of sizes and shapes. They have a striking “natural” color and they can also be dyed with different colors.

  • Wood Beads

They are crafted from natural wood and polished to showcase the natural textures and tones of the wood. They can also be painted with a variety of colors and made with different styles and patterns.

  • Semi-precious Beads

They are crafted from “stones” such as hematite, amazonite, amethyst, and tiger eye. They can be maintained in their natural color but they are often polished and shaped to enhance their brightness.

  • Resin Beads

Resin beads are crafted to resemble other materials like stone, metal, or glass but they are normally lighter compared to the materials they resemble. The beads are mainly made from metal molds to obtain a wide variety of patterns and shapes enhancing their diversity in terms of colors, looks, and styles for any jewelry type.

We sell different beaded jewelry made of various types. You may find a jewel made with combined types of beads or a single type. Our jewels are diverse and handmade. They can be made based on your taste and preference/ Some of the beaded jewelery that we make include;

  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Anklets
  • chokers
  • Bracelets
  • Waist Beads/ belly beads

Beaded jewelry is unique and diverse. There are a variety of types to choose from in terms of shapes, colors, bead types, and other dimensions that define personal preferences and tastes.

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