Waist Beads - Hundreds of decades and still in style worldwide

Waist Beads - Hundreds of decades and still in style worldwide

As the saying goes, "old is gold," and this serves as a fashion foundation primarily when it comes to "Waist Beads," a jewel that African women have won for hundreds of decades and increasingly gained "popularity" globally. They are also referred to as belly beads and consist of a series of beads that women wear around their waits. Waist beads are enormously variable, unique, and complex jewels, just like the women who wear them. While African women have worn waist beads for many years, other women around the globe are learning to use them too. If you wish to wear waist beads and probably wonder what they mean or what purpose they would serve, this information would greatly help you. The different reasons for wearing waist beads include;

1. Aesthetics

Mostly in America, it makes perfect sense why most women love waist beads. It is because of their uniqueness and beauty and how they decorate the body. They have vibrant "colors" and highlight the feminine contours in a woman's body through the way they hang. Waist beads can be made in any color based on preferences with different sizes, shapes, and textures. They can be made with a single color or multiple color combination, and their beauty can also be enhanced by adding more embellishments such as crystals or gems. Waist beads can be luxuriously won as a group of strands or one strand handing delicately around the waist. Waist beads are diverse in nature, and each style portrays a different appearance to the beads and the waist of the woman wearing them. Hence each woman can select the styles and beads that make their body feel and look highly beautiful.

2. Body Appreciation

The feeling of the wait beads enhancing women's bodies is another factor in their appeal. The current beauty standards portrayed in the media make us believe that having a flat tummy and a narrow waist are factors that determine attractiveness in women. However, this is not the reality for some women, but the "narrow" beauty ideals spread everywhere through the media make some women feel dissatisfied with their body looks. However, women that wear waist beads regardless of their shape or size see beauty when they look at themselves in the mirror. The pretty beads enhance the beauty and the natural lines and shapes accentuated by the beads, making their bodies beautiful and feminine whether they have a flat tummy or not. Waist beads make us view beauty even in bodies that do not conform to the trending beauty standards.

3. Weight Management

Waist beads also help in weight management in women since they can tell when the waist is getting bigger or slimmer. Basically, the waist beads move up and tighten when one gains weight and fall and fit looser when slimming up. A significant number of women wear waist beads to track their weight.

4. Intimacy and Sensuality

A significant number of women also wear waist beads to "seduce" their lovers. Although most women wear them in public, some cultures allow women to wear them as undergarments that their partners can only see.

5. Maintenance of Body Posture

Some women will wear wait beads to maintain the correct body posture. When one slouches, they feel the waist beads tightening while rolling up. This acts as a vital way to notice when one is not sitting upright. Proper body posture is substantially vital for one's physical health and wellness.

In conclusion, waist beads are infinitely variable jewels that enhance a woman's beauty while at the same time acting as a tool to enhance both mental and physical wellness. Mental wellness is enhanced when a woman's feelings about their body are positively improved through self-appreciation. The negative mental impacts obtained from regrets and lack of self-love due to comparing one's body with the trending beauty standards can be reduced by wearing waist beads. Physical wellness is enhanced because waist beads are useful in tracking one's weight gain and proper body posture.

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