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Coconut and Cowrie Shell Cascade Earrings

Coconut and Cowrie Shell Cascade Earrings

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These eye catching earrings feature a blend of natural and metallic elements, designed to make a bold statement. The combination of brass, coconut shell and cowrie shells create a distinctive piece.

The brass circle is polished to a high shine and crafted with precision ensuring a lightweight yet durable structure. The coconut shell is carefully cut and sanded to create a smooth finish while retaining it's natural texture and pattern. It can also be dyed using natural plant based dyes.

The cowrie shells are securely attached to the coconut shell circle using durable wire ensuring they remain in place while allowing for natural movement. The warm golden brass complements the earthy tones of the coconut shell and the creamy white of the cowrie shells.

The earrings are perfect for special occasions or as a statement piece for everyday wear. Their unique design allows them to complement a variety of outfits from bohemian styles to more formal attires.



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